The aletto la famiglia is as colorful as the international guests at our hotels. With us, you work as equals, can rely on the support of your colleagues, and will always find someone to listen to what you have to say. In short, you'll be working in the best team in the world - in the aletto famiglia. Hospitality with style and ease is our philosophy!

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Careers at Aletto

We want to make things as pleasant as possible for our guests and our employees.

Reacting casually and lightheartedly even in stressful situations is the typical sprezzatura, the Italian way of life, which we bring to the capital for our guests and our team. In this relaxed atmosphere you can start looking forward to the new week on Sundays, because working time is living time and living means enjoying - at least with us. Benvenuti in aletto!

At aletto worlds meet because our guests come from all continents - and our aletto famiglia is just as colorful as our guests. The diverse team at our hotels consists of people with different strengths and ideas. Together we complement one another and can offer our guests the best possible experience. It's all in the mix!

We believe in collaboration at aletto: Instead of pressure from above, we give you many opportunities to develop and advance. Various workshops, training courses, and promotion opportunities ensure you can develop professionally with us and advance your career.

With us, you'll get many discounts on products and services from well known companies. Whether it's a gym card, a company retirement and health insurance policy, or discounts for family and friends when you stay at one of our hotels - join the famiglia and take advantage of various benefits.

Just be

Just be

The strength of our colorful team comes from the individual skills and strengths of each and every one of us.

So just be yourself!
We are looking forward to your personality and your ideas - we are looking forward to you!

Our values

One name, two
Hotels, countless
career perspectives

You can't find a suitable job posting at the moment?
No problemo! We are always happy to receive unsolicited applications and meet new people. Arrividerci!