Love of life, lightness, and an unconditional love of pleasure - the Italian way of life has always fascinated us. Sprezzatura, or precisely this attitude toward life, is the philosophy behind our aletto hotels - and it's a philosophy that we take to heart. What we save on frills, we invest in hospitality á la famiglia. With us you can leave the stress of the capital behind and say hello to complete casualness and premium comfort at economy prices - benvenuti in aletto.

Our brand
Hospitality with
Style and ease

The perfect recipe for a successful hotel

A large portion of diversity
An extra pinch of sustainability
A big spoonful of dedication to the customer
An extra portion of design (after all, food and drink should be a feast for the eyes as well)
Seasoning with sufficient comfort

We want our guests to feel valued and special, with maximum casualness and for a small budget. We have applied this to our philosophy as well as our hotels. We save on frills and invest in hospitality, in noble and sustainable materials, in plenty of space in the areas shared by all guests - and we integrate the quality of international brands.

"Because good style is a question of combination, not price. The good experience on top is priceless anyways."

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aletto -
taking action
today for a better tomorrow

When you stay with aletto, you stay in a premium economy hotel. No comprende? No problemo! Our hotels combine style and comfort at economy prices. The careful planning of our hotels allows us to offer the best facilities at affordable prices. We focus on what's most important, which is your well-being - and you don't need any frills for that! What we save here in terms of costs is available for you to spend on exciting and thrilling experiences during your stay - because that's exactly why you've come to Berlin!